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What we do at Circa 41…

Tour Management

Embark on a seamless touring experience backed by our extensive global expertise. With a track record spanning decades, Circa 41 ensures every tour detail aligns perfectly, letting your performances take centre stage naturally and authentically.

Production Management

At Circa 41, our Production Management expertise spans all event aspects, irrespective of size. Our industry-leading team ensures flawless execution through meticulous technical coordination, handling all production elements from inception to completion. From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, we’re dedicated to transforming your vision into an exceptional experience.

Travel Agency

Unveil convenience like never before with our in-house travel agency, meticulously designed for music and entertainment travel. Seamlessly bridging logistics and artistry, we ensure stress-free journeys, letting you focus solely on your creative pursuits.

Artist Management

Elevate your artistic journey with our boutique, full-service talent management. Beyond conventional management, our experienced team becomes your growth partner, offering strategic guidance and personalised support. From refining your brand to amplifying your reach, Circa 41 is dedicated to propelling your career to new heights on both local and international stages.

Some of our clients…